The Acoustic Imaging Camera combines acoustic images with video footage captured by a camera mounted on a microphone array, presenting a transparent overlay that allows for intuitive analysis of the tested object's condition. Utilizing acoustics, electronics, and information processing technology, this technique transforms sound into visible images, aiding users in comprehensively understanding sound fields, waves, and sources. It facilitates easy identification of the origins and causes of noises and vibrations in machinery, reflecting the operational stateof the device.

With the aid of sound source imaging technology, it converts the received sound into a visual display, allowing you to quickly locate the source of the problem. Its high-frequency feature enables early detection, assisting in the prompt development of maintenance plans. This is why the YS-acoustic imaging camera has a frequency range of 2K-80KHz.

Key Features

* Available for use with one or both hands, featuring an integrated design that combines sound and imaging.

* Compact, lightweight, and portable design enables quick and straightforward operation.

* Capable of extended, continuous monitoring across a broad frequency range, covering both audible and ultrasonic sounds.

* Delivers rapid and stable imaging, efficient performance, instant visualization, and quick identification of fault points.

* Provides real-time, high-speed acoustic imaging and listening across the full frequency band with frequency filtering, including a storage mode for data recording.

* Supports comprehensive channel data recording, image and video storage, and playback.

* Offers time-frequency domain processing of acoustic signals.

AC 100
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