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About us

SonoStar is a professional medical equipment company which includes medical equipment research and development, manufacturing, and sales, we committed to transforming the latest and most sophisticated scientific technology into practical and universal medical equipment, with the development goal of "becoming a world-class technology company, leading the world in technology, and highly recognized by customers". Our company culture is "pursuing innovation and differentiation, focusing on efficiency and efficient operation, creating value and benefiting mankind while achieving self-achievement, only doing win-win things without harming others".

SonoStar has a strong product development and application team, and the main members of this team have rich industry work experience. We have formed a complete talent team covering fields such as acoustics, electronics, software, machinery, structural and appearance design, and clinical applications. We have strong scientific research strength as well as strong product planning and development capabilities.

SonoStar values independent innovation and has developed a series of products with advanced technology, distinctive features, suitable for customer needs, and high cost-effectiveness, which have received widespread praise from customers. Among them, the handheld ultrasound scanners has pushed the miniaturization and intelligence technology of ultrasound diagnostic instruments to a new level. Handheld ultrasound scanners only has the same size as the phone and weighs 200 grams, and can easily transmit images wirelessly to various mobile phones, tablets, and computers for easy operation, viewing, saving images, and communication for remote consultation. The cost and price are far lower than traditional large size color doppler ultrasound, which has similar performance and images. Handheld ultrasound scanners has also realized the functions only available in high-end equipment such as needle tip development enhancement and magnetic navigation. Our product is at the world's leading level in terms of integration and miniaturization, power consumption control, image definition, image frame rate smoothness, etc., and is recognized by customers for its convenience, advancement and affordable price. Its application range is extremely wide. It can meet the needs of various departments of hospitals, grassroots medical units, emergency systems, military equipment, and even medical aesthetics and veterinary use. They also have high clinical value in preliminary screening, emergency inspection, intervention visual guidance, etc., which is conducive to achieving accurate and visual diagnosis and treatment and reducing medical accidents. Handheld ultrasound scanners is expected to become a "visual" tool for medical staff. At present, it has rapidly formed a large Bulk sale, and has been sold to more than 100 countries and regions around the world. SonoStar recently launched wearable new ultrasound product, which weighs only 45g and is the size of a Matchbox, shocked the whole industry again.

SonoStar has successively obtained many patents for invention, utility model, appearance, and software copyrights. It has been approved and supported by key research and development projects of the Ministry of Science and Technology of China and multiple provincial and municipal science and technology projects. Our company have been awarded the titles of high-tech enterprise and our product was awarded the titles of high-tech product.

SonoStar has been paying attention to product quality control, and has successively obtained the certification of CE, ISO13485, FDA, besides, we also got the registration of some countries such as Russia, Japan, Brazil, Australia, Türkiye, Argentina, Indonesia etc. The"SonoStar" brand is widely recognized by customers and has a high reputation in the market.

SonoStar has a first-class production, office and dormitory environment, providing employees with a good working and living environment. At the same time, we also actively participate in various social welfare activities, including subsidizing students and families in need, organizing free medical examinations in the countryside with medical units, as well as medical giveaways.

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