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PD1 is a hand-held, pre-screening, tool-based professional live detection instrument. It can be equipped with 8 external sensors including AA/AE Ultrasound, TEV ground wave, HFCT high frequency current and temperature sensor. It is suitable for live detection of various electrical equipment such as substation, switch station and outdoor.

This instrument adopts acoustic and electric joint detection method, using transient ground wave (TEV), ultrasonic wave (AE), high-frequency current sensor (HFCT) and other sensors to comprehensively detect the partial discharge of power equipment, to achieve direct monitoring of power equipment such as transformers, switchgear and distribution cables. The PD1 detector can evaluate the insulation condition comprehensively according to a variety of characteristics, detect the magnitude of partial discharge, and calculate the time difference between acoustic and electrical signals to achieve accurate discharge power location.

PD1 has waveform detection, recording and storage functions, and has small size, light weight, is very easy to operate. It supports wireless data uploading, cloud platform interconnection, GPS positioning, effectively preventing line faults and improving power cable reliability.

Product Features:

* Portable design, small size, light weight, easy to carry, single person can operate;

*5 "high brightness large size touch LCD screen, grasp every detail, easy to operate;

* The abnormal discharge signal detected by the detector is converted into audible signal and visual waveform, and the discharge intensity can be clearly distinguished according to the sound and waveform.

* Embedded GPS receiver automatically stores coordinate data, which is convenient to query and save detection path;

* With the function of temperature and humidity detection, real-time detection of ambient temperature and humidity;

* With data saving function, data can be uploaded to the cloud platform to realize data analysis and review function;

* High sensitivity, directivity and directionality, can accurately locate the line fault;

* Non-contact detection, detection is effective, safe and reliable;

* Live detection, does not affect the normal operation of the checked equipment;

* The instrument can be extended to a variety of external sensors, flexibly used in various detection scenarios;
* Waveform spectrum analysis: analyze the spectrum content of discharge waveform to make the discharge waveform more comparable, comprehensively statistical analysis of test data, reduce the influence of non-stability factors on test results.

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