Portable Universal Electric Vehicle Charger With LED Voltage Meter


With the rapid development of the new energy market, there are more and more new energy vehicles around us, which makes our travel more energy-saving and environmentally friendly, and the new energy accessories that come with them are more needed by the market. Our company's new energy car socket, to seize the pain points of car owners travel, to bring customers a better experience -
1. Compact and easy to carry;
2. free of grounding wire, can be charged anywhere, anytime;
3. Anti-dislodging jack, more secure;
4. high-definition LED voltage meter, indicator can real-time voltage monitoring display;
5. adaptable to most new energy models;
6. switch can be a key power off;
7. aluminum alloy material is more robust, durable, and better heat dissipation;
8. easy to operate, no difficulty in use;
9. Can be customized according to your requirements of the style you need.
Just one socket to easily realize the conversion, it can follow you on your trip, do not have to worry about the lack of range. The power cord is resistant to wear and tear, and flame retardant, and the inner core wire is highly conductive, not easy to heat up, stable and efficient, safe and secure. Automatic completion of self-test, real-time monitoring, and high-definition display voltage value, to prevent the charging process from burning hidden danger. When removing it, you need to press the anti-disconnect button, you can easily remove the plug.


Feature: Values
Mounting direction: vertical
Type of electric plug connection: Chinese standard(anti-drop)
Number of sockets: 1
length: 62mm
width: 180mm
With switch: yes
Waterproof or not: no
With digital voltmeter: yes
With mounting bracket: yes
Included accessories: user manual/M6x4 fixing


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