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With the rapid development of cloud computing and mobile internet services, the rapidly increasing density of IT servers and energy consumption have posed many challenges to traditional data centers. To address the contradiction between customers' constantly changing business needs and low investment and high return, and to meet the future needs of cloud computing, virtualization, blade servers with high density, low consumption, fast deployment, and flexible expansion, effectively improving the work efficiency of data centers, To control investment costs, IDCPDU has launched various power distribution and cabinet solutions for data center infrastructure, achieving energy-saving, fast, and flexible characteristics. The entire series of solutions have four major advantages: "Simpie", "Saving", "Smart", and "Safety". They are currently the environmentally friendly choice for the construction of the new generation of energy-saving modular data centers. At the same time, independently running modular data centers are ideal energy-saving products for future builders, contributing to the future cloud age!

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