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Guangzhou Guji Medical Technology Co., Ltd (Goochie) was founded in 1996. Goochie brand originated from China, the so-called original brand means from the creation of the brand, product design, product manufacturing, technical training, brand culture and other one-stop services, while always offer service for permanent makeup artists all over the world in professional aesthetics field.

With more than 20 years of development history so far, Goochie permanent makeup has the most modern manufacturing factory with perfect office environment. Goochie headquarters is divided into: factory, warehouse center, technical training service, Asia-Pacific market, European and American market. All the Goochie machines, auxiliary tools and micro pigments are always presented to all permanent makeup artist in a safe and reliable way, and all products have safety certificates from various countries and 27 product invention patents. In permanent makeup industry only safe and legal products and professional techniques can make Goochie brand go long.

Since 2003, Goochie has been promoting China’s original permanent makeup brands and techniques all over the world, so that more artists from all over the world who like permanent makeup techniques can learn about the original brands from China. In the world’s largest beauty fairs: Bologna, Italy; Guangzhou, China; Shanghai, China; Las Vegas, USA; Dubai, UAE; Morocco; Switzerland; Hong Kong; Moscow, Russia; Turkey; Iran; Mexico; Japan; Korea; Ho Chi Ming, Vietnam; India, Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia, Australia, Poland, Germany and other countries and regions, we have been able to see the Goochie show booths all the time. Goochie permanent makeup is always with a professional, fashionable brand image to show the most professional demonstration and spread the most advanced permanent makeup techniques to the world.

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